Villareal and Associates is Tulsa Oklahoma's premiere executive search and corporate recruiting servicesuman resource firm!
Looking for professional search and selection such as a clear definition of job requirements, candidate profile, recruitment and assessment and background investigations? Look no farther!

Executive Search and Recruiting Services
Villareal's Executive Search and Recruiting Services are focused on assisting clients with the most important decision a company makes … the hiring decision. The basic components of our services in this area include:

  • Clear definition of job requirements and candidate profile
  • Candidate recruitment and assessment
  • Background investigations on recruited candidate
  • Confidential reports on top candidates
  • Structuring and negotiation of compensation package
  • Advice on candidate selection
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Basic Services Provided

  1. Working with the client to define clearly the key responsibilities and associated qualifications required for success in the position -- i.e., the candidate profile.
  2. Advising the client regarding the appropriate compensation package required to successfully recruit the caliber of candidate required for the job.
  3. Sourcing and identifying candidates for recruitment, especially through our network of contacts in multiple fields and industries.
  4. Conducting extensive human resource evaluation activities on a candidate, including in-depth interviews, extensive reference checking, verification of credentials, and candidate testing.
  5. Preparing assessments of the top candidates and presenting the best qualified candidates to the client for interview and consideration.
  6. Working with the client to select the top candidate and determine the appropriate compensation package to offer.
  7. Presenting the compensation package to the successful candidate and working to ensure understanding and acceptance of the offer.

Basis for Fees

Fees for our professional recruitment services are based on the time devoted to the search engagement by the consultants involved at their established billing rates. Our fees are capped, however, at 30% of the first year’s compensation - i.e., the fees for a search assignment can be no greater than 30% of the first year of compensation, but may be less, depending on the actual time required to complete the search.

Normally our search assignments are completed at less than the 30% cap.

Representative Search Engagements

1. State supported university
-- President
13. Eastern Division of a major U.S. construction company
-- President
2. Prestigious southwestern country club
-- General Manager
14. Manufacturing company with $150 million in annual revenues
-- Vice President, Human Resources
3. High technology manufacturing company
-- President
15. Oklahoma public utility
-- Chief Financial Officer
-- Chief Marketing Officer
-- Directors of the Board
4. Privately-held services company with $80 million in annual revenues
-- Vice President, Human Resources
16. Major health insurance carrier
-- President – Life Insurance Subsidiary
17. National car rental firm
-- Vice President, Marketing
6. New Orleans-based general contractor serving the Gulf Coast area
-- Vice President of Estimating
-- Chief Financial Officer
-- Director of Safety
18. Large service and repair company for the aerospace industry
-- Chief Human Resources Officer
-- Manager, Compensation and Benefits
7. Major general contractor construction firm headquartered in Dallas
-- Vice President, Construction
-- Vice President, Marketing
19. Philanthropic medical foundation
-- President
8. National manufacturer of snack and desert products
-- Senior Vice President, Marketing and Sales
-- Vice President, Human Resources
-- Controller
20. Manufacturer of components for the automobile industry.
-- Chief Financial Officer
-- Vice President, Engineering
9. Publicly-traded provider of television and satellite communication services
-- Chief Human Resources Officer
21. Large multi-location law firm
-- Chief Operating Officer
10. Engineering and construction services firm
-- Members of the Board of Directors
22. Largest hospital in Oklahoma
-- Chief Information Officer
-- Vice President of Human Resources
11. Distribution and service company in Dallas with $50 million in revenue
-- General Managers – Operating Divisions in Texas
-- Manager, IT Training
23. Large foundation in the Southwest
-- Chief Financial Officer
12. Large, multi-state restaurant chain
-- Vice President, Marketing
-- Chief Information Officer
-- Chief Financial Officer
-- Chief Human Resources Officer
24. Houston-based oil and gas exploration and production company
-- Vice President, Acquisitions
-- Director, Public Relations
-- Vice President, Engineering