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Villareal and Associates is Tulsa Oklahoma's premiere professional consulting, staffing and human resource firm!
Villareal and Associates has the answers to your FAQ about staffing and consulting needs!

Frequently asked questions regarding Villareal and Associates Executive search and recruitment, Compensation Consulting, Organizational Planning and Expert Witness Services.


1. Does Villareal & Associates specialize in searches in an industry or by level or type of position?

No. Our work in the
search and selection arena has involved the search, recruitment and staffing of a wide variety of positions in virtually every industrial sector. Our searches involve positions in middle to upper level management, from presidents and general managers to executive vice presidents and directors of staff functions.

2. How often is Villareal Associates current career search and selection database updated?

The career search and selection database is updated on an ongoing basis. If you have read a posted Position Specification and feel your qualifications are in line with the requirements of the position, or if you simply want to have your resume added to the Villareal Associates search and selection database, submit your resume by email to


3. How do I talk to a consultant regarding my qualifications?

Generally, we contact a candidate by phone or email when we recognize qualifications as compatible with a search assignment we are conducting. Unsolicited resumes, while desired and welcomed, are reviewed and placed in our confidential database until an appropriate search assignment develops.


4. How do I submit my resume?

Resumes may be submitted by:

MAIL: 320 S. Boston Ave. Suite 1026 Tulsa, OK 74103


5. Who would I speak to about hiring Villareal Associates for a search assignment or a compensation consulting project?

Our firm principal, Morey Villareal, would be glad to speak to you about the needs of your organization and how Villareal & Associates might be of assistance. You may contact us through email (, or phone - 918.584.0808 (or toll free at 888.584.2013).

6. How does Villareal & Associates charge for its executive search and selection services?

We are a retainer-based firm and we charge for our services on an hourly basis and cap our fees at 30% of the selected candidateís first yearís compensation. Although our fees could reach this 30% maximum, based on the hours devoted to the search assignment, in practice this rarely happens. For example, if the compensation for a position were $100,000, our maximum fee for the search would be $30,000, plus necessary out-of-pocket expenses. If, at the completion of this search, our accumulated billings were only $15,000, based on the time spent on the search through its conclusion, no more than this amount would be billed to the client.

7. As a candidate, would I pay a fee for your services?

No, we are a retainer-based firm and the fees for search assignments are paid by the client company that hires us to perform the search. There is no charge to an individual candidate considered or hired for a position.

8. Does Villareal & Associates ever conduct executive search assignments on a contingency basis?

No. Our approach to executive search and selection involves the investment of considerable time in the following activities:

  • Identification of, and contacts with, individuals who might be prospects for the position, or possibly referral sources. These individuals are normally not looking for a job and not in some firmís resume database.

  • In-depth evaluation of potential candidates through in-person interviews, extensive reference checking, verification of credentials, and psychological testing.

  • Preparation of resumes on candidates (in our format), progress reporting to clients, and preparation of confidential reports outlining our assessment of each recommended candidate.

Contingency search cannot devote the time and effort to these activities and often involves sending resumes to clients from an existing database in an effort to make a placement before the client hires an individual identified through other sources.

9. Does Villareal Associates conduct search assignments for clients outside of Tulsa or Oklahoma?

Yes. While most of our clients are in Oklahoma and the Southwest Region, we have conducted searches for clients in other locations. In addition, we have conducted numerous national searches due to the nature of the position involved and its requirements. For example, we were engaged by a large, prestigious country club to recruit their General Manager. This involved conducting a national search and candidates were identified in states from North Carolina to California.

10. How long does it normally take to complete a search assignment?

While, technically speaking, a search can be completed as soon as a qualified candidate is identified, normally we recommend that the client consider at least three candidates before making a selection decision. It is important to remember that the ultimate selection decision in a search will only be as good as the candidates considered. Most of our searches are completed in eight to 12 weeks, although some searches can require more time.

11. Does Villareal Associates provide services besides executive search and recruitment?

Villareal Associates provides expert witness in cases involving employment discrimination, mitigation of damages, and testimony of earnings potential.


12. Are Villareal and Associates expert witness services available outside of Tulsa?

Villareal Associates has testified as expert witnesses in Oklahoma, the southwest region, and nationwide, in a wide range of cases.